My name is Casper Rolsted. I am a visual artist based in Roskilde, Denmark. Over the last few years I have specialized in timelapse and aerial photography. My film work is born from a deep love for the undisturbed nature. The goal is to inspire people and to help them expand their consciousness to the natural beauty around them. Undisturbed places with natural silence has become one of our most scarce resources and it is only by falling in love with nature we can ensure the protection of these fragile places. Through my work I have learned that true success and happiness is not reaching a specific destination, but to enjoy the journey forward … one step at the time … always being my best and always helping others on their way.

I have used my technical skills from a long engineer career together with dedicated research and experimentation with timelapse production to develop new tecniques that can produce stunning and unique film clips. My film “Undisturbed Norway” was in April 2018 chosen as staff pick on Vimeo and received 145.000 views on Vimeo within the first two weeks.  In June 2018 the film was selected to one of the very best nature-focused timelapse films on the internet by Vimeo´s curation team. My newest films “The Silence of the Dolomites” and “Dolomites – a timelapse adventure” were both in the summer 2018 chosen as some of the best films on Vimeo and received the honorful staff pick badge.


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