Takeshi Nakatsuka makes a worldwide debut as the leader of "QYPTHONE" in 1998 by participating in a German compilation album “SUSHI4004." Embarks on a world tour with his band and performs in Germany, New York, Austria, Switzerland, Russia, and Korea. After achieving worldwide acclaim for his live performances and releasing four albums with QYPTHONE, he launches seven solo albums and has been constantly involved with the music, TV animation, film, game, and advertising scenes in Japan.
’JAPANESE BOY,’ the lead single from Takeshi's seventh original album “EYE,” received a monthly “Staff Pick” on Vimeo and was screened at international festivals in the US, France, Austria, Denmark, Holland, Slovakia, Belarus, and more.  The lyrics for JAPANESE BOY comes from an ancient Japanese liturgy, Norito, recited every morning by priests at Shinto shrines.



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