About the video

During the era of technological singularity, machine learning algorithms will seek to learn from our data with exponential Speed.
A short experimental film and attempt to visualise the point of view of a future artificial intelligence agent and its prime encounter with our world, its linear experience and the rapid absorption of all available information.

About Yiannis Biliris

Yiannis Biliris is a videographer from Greece and now Creative Director of Visual Suspect, the video production company he cofounded in Hong Kong. 
With a main background in documentary and experience in diverse production houses, including editing for the multi-awarded documentary series Exandas, he developed strong skill in the art of audiovisual material. After several years working in his country, his will to explore and experiment different horizons led him to travel through more than 50 countries, where he documented various stories. Noticed for his talent by some art galleries along the way, Yiannis then produced artworks today exposed in hospitality places of some countries. His though 'Every work is about what you have to say, storytelling comes from what you have experienced’.



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