Thank you for participating at HafenKunstKino in Düsseldorf, Germany!

The films should have MP4 format and at least FULL HD (1920x1080 px) resolution to enable a projection.
For further information see our terms of use and data and usage rights.

Alternatively, you can send us your movie via
In order to ba able to use the films sent via Wetransfer, it is nevertheless necessary to send us this form.

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Consent form

I hereby assure to that I am the owner of all rights to the submitted film, including the music used therein. In the event that I hold no rights to the music, I assure that the copyright holder of the music has transferred or granted me the music rights to the screening in the HafenKunstKino. I assure you in particular that I can submit the film to for HafenKunstKino and that no further approval by third parties is required.

Hereby I hereby release from any claims of third parties, which they raise against for infringement of copyrights or image rights to the submitted film and the music used therein.

I hereby grant the revocable, non-exclusive, free of charge and royalty-free right to publicly play the film submitted by me, including the music, for the screening in the HafenKunstKino.
The cancellation must be made by e-mail to the following e-mail:

I hereby guarantee to the legal validity of the rights to the submitted film and the music used therein until the revocation is declared, i.e. that I remain until the revocation of exclusive rights holder of the submitted film and the music used therein. Should I lose all or part of the rights after the submission, I will inform about this without delay, and is then obliged to stop showing the film in public.

I hereby undertake to inform immediately if a third party asserts rights to the submitted film and / or the music used therein.

Terms of Use

1. The films are available in public areas free of charge and barrier-free.
2. The artists are responsible for observing the GEMA rights and are liable with the submission of their movie(s).
3. Advertising in the film is not allowed. The content of the film is the sole responsibility of the artist.
4. It may be necessary to change the format of the submitted movie for playback. The artist hereby expressly grants his / her consent. will make sure that image and sound quality are maintained. does not shorten films without the consent of the artist. Only for technical reasons, it is possible that a film is not shown in the entire length.
5. The artist assures with his / her submission that he / she is in possession of all rights of the submitted movie(s); including the rights for the music used in it. In case that the artist is not the copyright holder of the music used, he / she warrants that the copyright holder has granted the use rights for presenting the film in public. Any additional claims from GEMA or other participants will be passed on to the artist. assumes no liability for claims of third parties.
6. By granting permission (by email or phone) to use a movie at HafenKunstKino, the sender/artist accepts our terms of use.

Data and usage rights uses the films exclusively for presentation in public spaces. The granting of data and usage rights is to enable the adequate presentation. has no permission to sell or market the submitted film.
1. The artist assures that he / she may freely dispose of the unrestricted rights of use of the film and picture material, that they are free of third party rights and that he will not make any dispositions contrary to this contract during the period of use.
2. The footage can be played without sound even though there is a soundtrack.
3. Use of the picture material
The artist agrees that the film will be downloaded, stored in electronic files, archived and presented publicly by The projection may be on non-homogeneous surfaces that are visible while viewing. If the author does not specify otherwise, he agrees that his pictures are also used / presented differently than in the original version, eg as collages, black and white prints, technical or electronic montages, for the purpose of promoting the project or to feature the artist.
4. Illustrated persons
The artist assures that pictured persons agree with the publication and that the consent form is given to the artist, unless such consent is not required (§23 KUG individually identifiable people must agree to a publication, in large crowds, such as at a folk festival, this is not necessary). The artist is obliged to present the consent form at the request of
5. Remuneration does not pay any royalties to the artist for the transfer of the rights to the film and the music, just as little as for the public presentation of the film. pays no fees for the screening in public. The film will be provided free of charge for HafenKunstKino. The artist guarantees that no third party can claim a fee for the provided material.
6. Duration of use
The agreement to use is concluded for an indefinite period. If the artist grants a written end to the use, his / her data will be removed to the given date. The film is provided by the artist exclusively for the benefit of the HafenKunstKino.
7. The release does not guarantee publication, i. there is no claim against on public screening of the film. The decision as to whether, when and how the film will be presented is entirely at the discretion of The contents are checked by a board of trustees. is under no obligation to provide information as to whether or when a film will be released. Furthermore, is not obliged to name or link any artist on the website or other platforms.

The agreement between and the artist is exclusively subject to German law. Jurisdiction is, as far as permissible, Dusseldorf.

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